Everything You Wanted To Know About  Psychographics

Learn the theory behind our psych tech and how we can leverage it to drive business growth.

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Market Research

What Are the Best Practices of Writing a Survey?

If you want to learn more about a person’s experiences and gather their feedback, sometimes the survey is a researcher’s jewel in the crown.

Consumer Psychology

What Are the Best Practices of Writing a Scale?

If you want to learn how to write a scale for psychometric investigation, the following tips might help you create an accurate and reliable tool.

History of Projective Tests

A Brief History of Psychometrics

Psychology became a comparatively “harder” science when it embraced psychometrics, a mathematically focused branch of psychology for objective...

History of Projective Tests

The Chronicles of Inkblots and Dreams

Inkblots and dreams share plenty of common ground. They are, at once, familiar and foreign.

Consumer Psychology

What Can You Learn From Dreams?

Dreams are a central part of the human life cycle. You could spend 6 years of your life dreaming.

Consumer Psychology

What Is Graphology?

No two writers slash the same way on paper. Even further, you (personally) don’t write exactly the same way with each stroke of the pen.

Perceptual Styles

How Personality Affects Perception: Key Traits

Personality traits are stable, consistent characteristics of a person that are detectable in their actions, attitudes, and feelings.

Perceptual Styles

Interpretation Is In the Eye of the Beholder

The selective consumer engages with content based on more personalized psychological factors that can predispose them to seeing things in a certain...

Perceptual Styles

Attention and Perceptual Selection

Let’s take a look at the misconception of the 8 second attention span and how it affects consumer engagement.

Psychology in Advertising

What's In a Psychological Profile?

Business psychologists use profiles as a tool to answer questions about buyer behavior and worker-job congruence.

Psychology in Advertising

Psychologizing Customers with Critical Items

Critical items were born in the field of psychology to detect the presence of behavioral or mental instability and serve as an indicator for...

Consumer Psychology


The bridge between being an acquaintance and a friend is how well you know their goals, hobbies, interests, opinions, personality, struggles, and...

History of Projective Tests

Motivation Research: A Timeline

A choice timeline of projectives tests used in market research

Projective Testing Methods

Motivation Research: Case Studies

In 1959 Dichter conducted a successive series of projective tests to study FAB detergent.

Development of Projective Testing

Motivation Research: Using Projective Tests

Ernest Dichter extensively utilized projective tests in his practice and helped establish them as an acceptable method in market research.

Projective Testing Methods

Motivation Research: Ernest Dichter

Ernest Dichter, PhD, would set his name in stone as the Father of Motivation Research.

History of Projective Tests

Motivation Research: Where It All Began

The introduction of anthropological, psychological, and sociological approaches to consumerism offered new insights into shopper behavior.

Perceptual Styles

What Are Perceptual Styles?

An attitude or style refers to a person’s consistent, preferred method of interaction with the world.

Projective Testing Methods

Developments on the Inkblot Test: Scoring

After Hermann Rorschach’s sudden death in 1922, his inkblot test began to take on a life of its own as it traveled around the world.

Projective Testing Methods

A Brief History of the Rorschach

The Rorschach is a timeless symbol of psychology. The way it works is deceptively simple.

Projective Testing Methods

Top Misconceptions of Projective Tests

No matter how much you’ve heard about projective tests, they are not what you think they are.

Projective Testing Methods

Projective Tests: The Famous Three

A hallmark of projective techniques is the relatively ambiguous stimulus used to elicit uninhibited psychological data.

Projective Testing Methods

A Taxonomy of Projective Tests

The inception of projective testing provided a springboard for all kinds of innovation and the creation of new testing methods.

Projective Testing Methods

The Projective Hypothesis of Personality Assessment

Discover how psychologists used general principles and conceptual similarities of projection to establish the sub-discipline of projective...

Projective Testing Methods

The Etymology of Projection

By tracing the history of the term projection you will better understand how we generate consumer insights backed by behavioral science.

Projective Testing Methods

What Are Projective Tests?

If you think you know what projective tests are, you may only know half the story.