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History of Projective Tests

Motivation Research: A Timeline

A choice timeline of projectives tests used in market research

Projective Testing Methods

Motivation Research: Case Studies

In 1959 Dichter conducted a successive series of projective tests to study FAB detergent.

Development of Projective Testing

Motivation Research: Using Projective Tests

Ernest Dichter extensively utilized projective tests in his practice and helped establish them as an acceptable method in market research.

History of Projective Tests

Motivation Research: Where It All Began

The introduction of anthropological, psychological, and sociological approaches to consumerism offered new insights into shopper behavior.

Projective Testing Methods

Developments on the Inkblot Test: Scoring

After Hermann Rorschach’s sudden death in 1922, his inkblot test began to take on a life of its own as it traveled around the world.