Psychographics-Based Sample Services

Inkblot Analytics provides access to high-quality survey respondents, giving you reliable data for your research needs. We take pride in our industry-leading technology that allow our clients to leverage psychographic targeting for a better sample composition

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A Two-Part Approach To Personality-Based Sampling

At Inkblot Analytics, we believe that having quality data is the key to making smart business decisions. To ensure that our customers have quality data, we use a two-part psychographic approach to sampling.

Part 1: Deceptive Practices Detection - Whether it's a bot or not, we use a unique proprietary process that displays high performance in detecting "fakers" in self-reported personality measures. By identifying those looking to obfuscate their own personality, we get rid of most bad quality respondents before they ever hit your survey.

Part 2: Optimizing Engagement Using Personality - We know that some personality traits are indicators of an engaged respondent. Therefore, we balance your sample to reach the same demographic requirements, while optimizing respondent engagement based on personality measures.

That's why we leverage psychographic targeting to ensure that our survey respondents are highly engaged and representative of the population you're targeting. 


Leveraging Psychographics For Better Sampling

We explore the benefits of using psychographic targeting to create more engaged sample sets that remain just as representative as other methods. By targeting respondents based on their values, beliefs, and attitudes, you can create more accurate and reliable data sets for your research needs.


Our Three Step Process

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Pre-Screen: Deceptive Practice Detection

We use advanced personality test scoring to identify those who are trying to hide their personality.

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Pre-Screen: Personality-Based Engagement Optimization

We use advanced psychographic targeting to identify and recruit highly engaged survey respondents.

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Post-Screen: Profile Score Propensities

We include a number of questions throughout the survey that "match" with the initial personality test. If the way these questions are answered don't match with their personality profile, then it's flagged.


Sampling Options Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Our types of sampling services.

Our general population sampling provides access to a diverse range of respondents to help you gain insights into the wider population.

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Our B2B sampling provides access to business decision-makers and professionals, allowing you to understand the attitudes and behaviors of this important demographic.

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