Create Your Own Platform Using Inkblot's Psych Tech Infrastructure

Nowadays all agencies have access to the same research tools, analytics products, and AI platforms. And clients have noticed. To stand out, agencies have to develop their own proprietary method, framework, or algorithm. Using our psych tech infrastructure, we can be a quick and easy solution to helping you do just that.

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Win More Pitches

A good pitch should be convincing enough to dissuade the potential client from looking at your competition. Nothing is more convincing than a proprietary model, framework, or algorithm backed by a suite of technology products. Want to see how other ad agencies have done it?


Here’s How It Works

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Make A Plan

Do four workshops with us: (1) a psychometric workshop, (2) a product workshop, (3) a proof workshop, and (4) a sales workshop.

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Develop The Product

We take the product plan and build out your platform using our psych tech infrastructure.

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Get The Proof

Because clients know that there's many platforms out there, we go a step further in arming you with the proof you need to show clients yours actually works.

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Implement A Sales Strategy

We help you bring your product to market, sell it to clients, and partner on the initial projects.


What our customers say

“This was the perfect way to get our pitch process formalized around a piece of technology. It’s a quality piece of tech, it’s affordable, and it’s central to our new business process.”

“This was key to bringing in a new revenue source to our agency. Clients wanted to do more research, and track their scores over time. It’s paid for itself ten times over.”

Develop A Platform.

Attract More Clients.

It's that simple. Don't believe us? Get a demo today!

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