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History of Projective Tests

A Brief History of Psychometrics

Psychology became a comparatively “harder” science when it embraced psychometrics, a mathematically focused branch of psychology for objective...

History of Projective Tests

The Chronicles of Inkblots and Dreams

Inkblots and dreams share plenty of common ground. They are, at once, familiar and foreign.

History of Projective Tests

Motivation Research: A Timeline

A choice timeline of projectives tests used in market research

Projective Testing Methods

Motivation Research: Case Studies

In 1959 Dichter conducted a successive series of projective tests to study FAB detergent.

Projective Testing Methods

Motivation Research: Ernest Dichter

Ernest Dichter, PhD, would set his name in stone as the Father of Motivation Research.

History of Projective Tests

Motivation Research: Where It All Began

The introduction of anthropological, psychological, and sociological approaches to consumerism offered new insights into shopper behavior.

Projective Testing Methods

Developments on the Inkblot Test: Scoring

After Hermann Rorschach’s sudden death in 1922, his inkblot test began to take on a life of its own as it traveled around the world.

Projective Testing Methods

A Brief History of the Rorschach

The Rorschach is a timeless symbol of psychology. The way it works is deceptively simple.

Projective Testing Methods

Projective Tests: The Famous Three

A hallmark of projective techniques is the relatively ambiguous stimulus used to elicit uninhibited psychological data.