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Inkblot Analytics is best known for its psychologically-based market research. Our research uses our proprietary "psych tech"--technology platforms that use behavioral science and AI in their patent-pending systems. This allows us to help our clients gain the best possible insights for a competitive advantage in their category. 

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Raising The Standard Of Using  Psychographics In Market Research

Most companies believe they do this by asking a few questions on attitudes or interests. But there's so much more to a person's psychological profile that that. Our approach to psychographics provides a 360-degree look at the customer, so you can gain the best possible insights for a competitive advantage in your industry. 


Marketers Are Missing The Most Important Thing About Their Brand Trackers

Most marketers only focus on one side of their brand tracking metrics (those metrics that never seem to change between waves). But there are two sides to every survey question:

  1. What you learn about the question
    • This is what marketers focus on (e.g., brand awareness is 75%)
  2. What you learn about the consumer
    • This is what marketers SHOULD focus on

Go ahead and download our white paper to find out what your brand tracker really tells you about your consumers.


Our Team Draws From All the Sciences

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Marketing Science

Our team can use some of the newest methods for observing patterns in the market--from a companies financial patterns through broader category dynamics.

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Psychological Science

Our team has members who have their Ph.D. and M.S. in psychology--helping us turn our market research practice into an innovation center by incorporating psychographics.

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Decision Science

Our team is constantly building new systematic frameworks for integrating theories in economics, statistics, and psychology for better understanding consumer decision-making.


All The Usual Market Research Projects, Enhanced By Our Psych Tech

Need a specific market research study? Our templetized surveys allow you to get complex research up and running in a short period of time. The best part? Our projects can be customized to include other questions important to you. Get fast, customized research today!

Foundational for any brand is knowing the consumer’s pathway to purchase. This includes everything from the moment the consumer realizes they might want to buy a product, through the post-purchase use of the product. This study is key to understanding the process consumer’s go through when buying your product and therefore is essential to understanding the consumer touch-points most beneficial to your brand.

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A brand’s success is partially a function of how satisfied the customer is with the brand. Therefore, it is critical to understand where your brand is exceeding expectations and where it is not. Keeping a close eye on your experience report card is the only way to ensure the continued growth of your brand.

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Brands serve many different kinds of people. There are a number of personality types, need-states, and occasions that divide your core customer into different segments. Only by identifying the different segments can you truly understand what your customers need from your brand. This knowledge will allow you to better serve your customer and grow in the category.

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Monitoring your brand is like monitoring your health—you need regular check-ups. Tracking your brand and your competitor’s performance is the only way to protect yourself from disruption in the category. Brand trackers are essential to making sure you’re staying ahead of the curve.

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What is your brand worth? What does it stand for? How much does the consumer prefer your brand over the generic version? These are the questions answered in a brand equity survey. To effectively manage your brand, you need to know how your brand sticks out in the mind of your consumer—especially relative to your competition.

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Should you create a new product or make an incremental improvement on an old one? Product choice modeling allows us to simulate how products will perform in market relative to competitor products. By mimicking the shopping context, consumers will be asked to select which products they would buy and why.

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Want to pick a price to optimize revenue or to optimize trial by consumers? Picking a price point is hard from both a strategic standpoint and a mathematical standpoint! Make sure you’ve done research to fully vet how your product price will perform in your categories competitive landscape.

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Want to know if your ads are having the desired effect? Our ad trackers will measure everything from increases in marketing funnel metrics to new associations you want to forge. Ad trackers are a key method to ensuring you’re keeping an eye on your ads’ ROI.

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Before launching your creative in market, have it tested. Testing creative before launch allows you to optimize your communications to maximize its impact. It also helps identify any red flags that can lead to a brand disaster if not fixed.

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Employees are a company’s biggest asset. They are the ones often interfacing with customers and therefore foster the relationship between the customer and the brand. To make sure you’re continuing to keep your brand ambassadors, employee engagement surveys allow employees the chance to voice what they like and what they don’t like about a brand’s internal culture. Identifying internal frustrations and barriers is key to eliminating potential drivers of employee churn.

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