Capture Customer Attention By Knowing Their Psychological Profile

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, everyone shifted to digital marketing--and consumers got sick of it. Now, it's THAT much harder to capture consumer attention through emails, online ads, and social posts. You have to know your consumers' interests, activities, and values to keep them continually engaged. Our psychological profiling technology can help you do that.

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See An Increase In Your Marketing Metrics

Our clients have reported:

  • a 31% increase in email open rates
  • a 24% increase in email click-throughs
  • a 13% increase in email-based conversions / purchases
  • a 27% increase in social engagement

Using consumers' psychological profiles to find interests is key to optimizing your consumer retention and acquisition. Want to see how other brands have used this?


Here’s How It Works

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License our Brand Blots Product


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Get To Know Your Customers

Send your customers a short survey, or use the customer data you have in your CRM or E-Comm platform (e.g., Shopify).

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Get Your Customers' Psychological Profiles

Using the information you gathered in the last step, our AI will produce a personality profile for each customers. The profiles contain predicted measurements on a number of psychological traits.

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Segment Your Customers

Based on your prospect's psychological profile, our AI will recommend overall segments of interest. You can use these segments to create more personalized marketing communications, to more people.


What our customers say

“We've been able to optimize the ads we place and the targets we use them on by know how consumers think, and how to segment their personalities.”

“It's been great. We saw a ton of customer drop off our email list. With this technology, we can finally send the right messages to the right people, based on the science of psychology.”

Retain More Customers. Engage More Customers.

It's that simple. Don't believe us? Get a demo today!

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