The New Digital Psychophysics

Optimize your advertisements by measuring if it sounds appealing to your psychographic target.


What’s the Perceivable Threshold?

per-see-vuh-buhl thresh-hohld | \pərˈsi və bəl ˈθrɛʃ hoʊld\

: the magnitude of a characteristic needed to detect a perceivable difference in a creative stimulus.


"Tune" Your Ads To Resonate With Your Psychographic Target. 

Perceivable Thresholds is our proprietary platform for creative optimizations. By using our AI, you can identify what improvements can be made to make your ads unique from other brands while remaining interesting to your psychographic target.

Your Core Use Case

Stand Out From The Creative Clutter Reel Without Costly Creative Testing

Perceivable Thresholds uses a unique combination of psychological science and data science to produce the first psychologically-based creative testing platform. With our platform, we can identify concrete recommendations for how to make your ads more unique and more appealing to any given psychographic audience--all without the need for long and costly creative testing.

How Does It Work?

Using Perceivable Thresholds is a quick and efficient process. There are three core steps to any project that uses Perceivable Thresholds:


Select an ad we have in our database, or upload your own ad



Our proprietary algorithms will provide an "ad profile" and the top "psychographic target"



We’ll visualize whether or not the ad you picked will exceed the "perceivable threshold" for your psychographic target


Key Platform Features

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Built on a Patent-Pending Platform

The Perceivable Thresholds platform is built on top of our patent-pending platform for psychological insights. This platform deploys a series of machine learning algorithms that can accurately predict consumers’ scores on countless psychological variables. This is one of the key aspects to identifying how consumers will view (and react) to your ads.

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Based on Real Ads from Past Campaigns

The Perceivable Thresholds platform is based on two sets of data—(1) the psychographic data we collect every day from consumers participating in some of our apps, and (2) our core data set of past advertisements, and the consumer’s reaction to those advertisements. By using both of these data sets, we can create a model to better understand the threshold for your ads to be unique to your target.

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Identify How To Optimize Your Ad To Stand Out To Your Target

Not many platforms actively score ads for their qualities and characteristics, and test these ads with consumers of different psychographic profiles. By using the data we collect from consumers every day, you can stay up-to-date on how consumers values, motivations, and emotions perceive modern ads.

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See If You Passed The Perceivable Threshold

If You Want Your Ads to Stand Out, They Have to Pass the Perceivable ThresholdAnd we’ve built a tool to help measure whether or not you cross that threshold.

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Real Target vs. Ideal Target Profiles

By using our platform, we can tell you the psychographic profile of the person who would love your ad. If it’s not the target audience you were hoping for, you can select the closest target audience from our database and we’ll show you examples of most liked ads (and ad characteristics) for that audience.

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Work With One Of Our Creative Consultants

Use one of our creative consultants to help you understand how to optimize your creative for your psychographic target.


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