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Developing marketing content around upcoming trends for different psychographic targets.


What are Hidden Impressions?

hid·den·im·press·ions | \ ‘hidn imˈpreSHəns\

: the impressions you reveal about yourself when viewing and reacting to online content.


Uncovering New and Upcoming Trends. 

Our proprietary browser-based extension allows consumers to continually report on what they find to be interesting as they browse the web throughout their day.

By looking at this data every day, week, and month, we extract new and upcoming trends and alert you about them before they become mainstream.

Additionally, by telling us their reactions to these trends, consumers tell us something about their own personalities. We use this to help out clients use the right trends for the right psychographic targets.

Your Core Use Case

Trend Detection and Content Development In One Platform

Hidden Impressions uses a unique combination of psychological science and data science to produce the first truly intelligent AI-powered trend detection technology. With our platform, you can identify your psychographic target, see what trends are emerging in their content consumption, and see ideal content that you should use to attract them.


How Does It Work?

Using Hidden Impressions is a quick and efficient process. There are three core steps to any project that uses Hidden Impressions:


We have consumers who have given us access to track their daily hidden impressions.


We analyze daily, weekly, and monthly trends to identify those consumer perceptions most relevant to your business.



We generate reports and presentations that we make available to all our clients.

Key Platform Features

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Patent-pending Platform

The Hidden Impressions platform is built on top of our patent-pending platform for psychological insights. This platform deploys a series of machine learning algorithms that can accurately predict consumers’ scores on countless psychological variables. This is one of the key aspects to identifying how consumers will respond to your content.

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Near Real-Time Trend Data 24/7/365

Today’s marketing never sleeps. So neither should your insights. Get near real-time updates on how types of content are performing, and how certain psychographic profiles are changing their interests.

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Trend Alerts with Psychographic Targeting

Set alerts for psychographic targets or for content types. This way, when interests are changing or a type of content is going out of favor, you’ll know to shift strategies and stay ahead of the game.

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Access to Reports on Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Trends

In today’s world, content is king. Consumer preferences for what content is the best is constantly changing. So if you’re a company heavily invested in knowing what content is up-and-coming, this is the platform for you. We can provide daily, weekly, and monthly updates on what content is attracting the most consumers.

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Access to Reports on Psychological Profiles and How They React to Different Trends

Consumer preferences for content is heavily affected by the consumer’s psychographic makeup. That’s why we’ve built our platform around the ability to identify certain psychographic targets. This way, you can get content trends and recommendations based on specific psychographic segments.

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Identify The Perfect Content-Consumer Fit

By using our platform, you can have access to our AI engine that allows you to specify a piece of content, and see the psychographic profile of the person who would prefer that content. Or similarly, you can select a psychographic target, and see the perfect piece of content for that profile. No matter how you look at it, we can help you identify the perfect match of content and consumer.


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