Personalize Your Sales Conversations By Knowing Your Prospect's Personality

Cold calls and emails are hard, especially when you don't know what your prospect will be receptive to. With Brand Blots, you can find out your prospect's personality before the call and personalize your pitch to match their personality.

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Increase Sales By 20%

It's simple! Some personalities like a hard sell, while others like a soft sell. Some personalities like the details while others like the big picture. Focusing in on how a prospect wants to hear the information, and knowing how they will process it, is key to optimizing your sales process. Want to see how other sales teams have done it?


Here’s How It Works

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Download The App

Download one of plugins in frequently used sales software (e.g., Hubspot).

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Get To Know Your Prospect

Choose from a variety of methods to get to know your prospect. Enter traits manually, send them a survey, or gather information from their LinkedIn page.

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Get Your Prospect's Psychological Profile

Using the information you gathered in the last step, our AI will produce a personality profile for each prospect. The profiles contain predicted measurements on a number of psychological traits.

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Get A Sales Strategy For Your Prospect

Based on your prospect's psychological profile, our AI will recommend a sales strategy--how to approach them in person, on the phone, or by email.


What our customers say

“Sales gets so much easier when you know the approximate personality of the person you're about to talk to. We could never go back.”

“Increasing growth is all about getting the right people in your sales calls. Getting the right people, is so much easier when you can qualify them based on their personality.”

Book More Meetings. Get More Sales.

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