Psychographic Data Enrichment Services

At Inkblot, we offer data services that provide businesses with access to accurate and reliable psychographic information they can't get anywhere else. Inkblot houses one of the biggest databases of consumer psychographics. Using information such as name and email, you can match our psychographic data to your customers and prospects.

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Differentiating Consumers Through Psychology

We enrichment data by adding a layer of psychographics. More specifically, our psychographic enrichment adds variables such as personality traits, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles. Using our psychographic data, you can identify the unique characteristics of your target audience, helping you to personalize your marketing efforts and achieve better results.


If You Aren't Enriching Your Data With Psychographics, You'll Never Know Your Audience

This white paper explores how businesses can use psychographic data to gain a competitive edge in their respective industries. The white paper provides insights into how businesses can leverage psychographic data to improve their marketing efforts, customer engagement, and overall business performance.


Our data enrichment services follow a simple 3-step process:

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Data Ingestion

In the first step of ur data enrichment process, you'll log into our application and submit a list of customers with specific types of customer information.

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Data Matching

When you submit data to our platform, we then use a proprietary algorithm for matching your data with ours. A confidence score for the matching data is also provided with every case we match.

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Data Enrichment

We enhance the data that matches by adding over 100 psychographic data points per case. This is sent back to you to use in your marketing and sales.


Our Types of Enrichment Services

At Inkblot, we offer a variety of psychographic data enrichment services, including:

Enhance your customer data with additional demographic and psychographic data points.

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Enhance your leads with additional data points to improve lead scoring and prioritization.

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